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Google Personalization & Google Language Added

Written on February 6th, 2013 by

The latest version of Traffic Travis has just been released. Download it here.

We have added two new options in project settings which affect your ranking results:

  • Turns off Google Personalization, this option shows results like Incognito in Google Chrome;
  • Change Google Interface language; this option change Google interface language. Please note, this option could change your keyword rankings.

Other changes in version include:

  • CHG :: Improvements for the research tools.
  • CHG :: Will use direct queries to the de-captcher service.
  • CHG :: Improvements for the registration check.
  • FIX :: Fixed issue with handling captchas.
  • FIX :: Support keywords which contain symbol '&'.

If you have any problems with this release please contact our support team.