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Behind The Scenes With Traffic Travis

Written on February 9th, 2012 by

Isn't it nice when things just work?

If you use any SEO software besides Traffic Travis, you may have noticed that a few stopped working in the last couple of weeks.

You probably also didn't notice that Traffic Travis continued with almost no issues.

Google released an update to some of their tools in about the third week of January. We’ve heard it’s affected the ability of some SEO tools to check keyword rankings, keyword research, PageRank information and SEO information.

Even Travis was hit – the Keyword Research tool broke for a couple of days, but was promptly fixed.

Traffic Travis was otherwise unaffected, so we figured this was a good time to tell you how we make sure Travis stays up-to-date, and manages to keep giving you accurate SEO information (and how it mostly avoided problems with the latest Google change)

When something breaks

Every so often something in Traffic Travis breaks. Here’s what usually happens:

  1. A module in Traffic Travis stops working
    99% of the time this is the result of a Google change.
  2. Issue tracking kicks in
    We can never predict what, where or when a Google change has occurred, we have some automated methods for tracking this however that is not 100% so we also rely on support emails and our in house staff message direct to the developers raising issues.
  3. We fix it
    Traffic Travis developers take a look at the incoming reports. A developer will aim start working on the problem within a day.
  4. We give you an update
    Once the fix has been made and tested we release the update to you
  5. Travis updates
    Travis downloads and installs the update; everything goes back to normal, as if nothing ever broke
  6. Everyone’s happy again

When the latest Google update broke the Keyword Research tool in Traffic Travis, we found out, fixed the problem and sent you an update within just three days.

Your time and website is valuable, and you need to have access to your information as much as possible. So if something is affecting all Traffic Travis customers, our aim is to release a fix within days or hours, not weeks.

It’s worth repeating: if something breaks, we want to fix it in days, not weeks.

Three things in life are sure...

They say “There are two sure things in life: Death, and taxes”.

If we could change that for the Internet, it’d be “There are three sure things in life: Death, taxes, and software bugs”.

Even when there isn’t a major update to be released, we still update Traffic Travis every week with various fixes and tweaks.

Remember: we’ll continue to provide regular updates, at absolutely no cost, for the life of Traffic Travis 4.

Google’s latest update

So why was Traffic Travis less affected by the Google changes than some other SEO tools?

Travis is different.

It comes down to the way Traffic Travis downloads ranking and SEO information.

To ensure you get the most accurate results possible Travis enters your possible keywords straight into Google's tools, and then reads the information they give back.

However, there is a downside to the method Traffic Travis uses – because Travis enters the info straight into Google, you could get temporarily blocked if:

  • You have a lot of keywords in your project
  • You have your search delay set lower than 3-4 seconds
  • You are also using some other SEO software on the network to do Google searches (this includes multiple copies of Travis running at the same time on your network)

If you do get blocked, Travis will stop what he's doing and let you know. If you open your browser and do a Google search you'll also get a message that you've been blocked.

Don’t worry though: this only affects your searches – it has no effect on your sites.

If you do get blocked, we recommend checking the list above, then waiting 30 to 60 minutes before trying to use an SEO module in Traffic Travis again.

If you still run into issues then increase your search delay in the program options, or invest in 4-5 good proxies. We don’t recommend using free proxies – we’ve had several customers who have hit issues with those.

Making Travis Trustworthy

A number of you have commented on the accuracy/trustworthiness of the rankings provided by Traffic Travis - sometimes Travis will tell someone one rank but, if the person searches Google themselves, or use some other software, they might find a different rank.

We take this issue seriously (we want Traffic Travis' results to be as trustworthy as possible!) but you also should allow for some differences.

There are many factors that can make the results look different. The most common reasons are:

  • Your proxies are located elsewhere in your country (or the world)
  • You are logged into your Google Account while searching
  • You’ve waited a little while since you’ve searched with Traffic Travis

Because of various Google features such as 'search personalization' and localized search, each of these reasons can cause differences in the ranking you see when you search Google manually.

We take all information that Traffic Travis provides very seriously, and our developers work hard to make sure all reports, including ranking information, are processed correctly and give you the most accurate details possible.

So what happens next

So the next time you use Traffic Travis remember: we’re here to make sure you are getting the best of the best.

We’re serious about SEO and PPC – we want to make sure you get the best information you can get so you can continue to outrank your competitors.

And if something stops working, don’t hesitate to contact Traffic Travis support. We look forward to helping you out!

If you don’t yet have your own copy of Traffic Travis, you can grab a copy absolutely free from our homepage.