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How to Use Blogging Websites for SEO

Written on August 15th, 2014 by

Blogging websites play a huge role in the online ecosystem and can also be powerful assets on your path to SEO domination.

Blogging websites allow anyone with an Internet connection to quickly and easily publish text, images, video and more. While we know it’s always best to own and control your own site, typically users of blogging websites are looking for free and easy ways to publish some content to the web.

With no hosting to set up and no websites to configure, this technology has opened up the power of the Internet to a vast array of people and allowed a flood of information to be available all over the world.

Just think about what it would take for someone with no experience with websites to create a blog sharing their photos and thoughts. Instead, you can go to Tumblr and be publishing content within minutes. With a few clicks of a button, any person, business or organization can have a site on or Blogger and share their goals and visions with the world.

And while this unfettered ability to consume and create information movement is amazing, from an SEO perspective, blogging websites can offer us even more.

Let’s take a deeper look at blogging websites and how you can leverage their power to help you achieve your online marketing goals.

What Exactly are Blogging Websites?

A blogging website is simply an online platform that allows someone to publish their own unique content to the web. And while many of the most popular platforms publish this content in a blog-style format, they can also resemble traditional page-based sites if needed.

In reality these publishing platforms are giant domains with the ability to create almost endless sub domains, where the user generated content is then published. 

For example, say you are absolutely obsessed with the character Bane from the movie “The Dark Knight Rises” and you want to create your own website to honor the masked villain with the smoothest accent this side of Sean Connery. All you have to do is go to, choose a name for the new site and the platform sets you up with a sub domain for you to start publishing content.

That’s right, within minutes the world could be enjoying

Most Popular Blogging Websites

Here is a list of some of the biggest and most popular blogging websites for you to explore:

There are some platforms that are meant more for business and will charge you a small fee for their upgraded features. But the ones listed above are free, in addition to many others.

Putting Blogging Websites to Work

When properly set up, blogging websites have huge SEO potential and can serve a big role in your overall marketing plan.

The Right Kind of Links

We all know that for now one of the major factors in determining a page’s rank in the search engines are the backlinks pointed to a site. Ideally, Google and the other search engines are looking for high-quality links that come from content that is related to yours in some fashion.

Instead of scouring the Internet and trying to beg, buy or sneak a link onto a high-quality site in your niche, you can simply create one on one of these sites. Once you populate it with unique content and a link back to your site, you’ve started the process of giving the search engines exactly what they want to see.

Domain Power

While the new page you created will not have a lot of juice just yet (more on that later), the domain it sits on does. The millions of links that a domain like or has gives it trust and power within the linking world.

By creating a site on one of these platforms you can tap into that power and help your own rankings.

Multiple Search Result Listings

The aforementioned trust these sites have with search engines can also create another handy bonus: additional listings in the search results.

Let’s say you have a regular website all about “tips to train your Labrador” and you also create a blog on called “” and fill it with unique content.

Not only will you get a relevant link from a trusted website, but you will also have a better chance of the Blogger site ranking all by itself. That means you could control two of the 10 search results on the first page.

Not too shabby.


Link Building 101 says you need to have a diverse mix of links coming to your site from a variety of sources. Obviously, you want higher-quality ones where possible, but when building a large amount of links you are bound to get some lower-quality ones in there as well.

If you were to blast your main site with a ton of links too quickly, or if the links were lower quality, you run the risk of Google devaluing your site and lowering your rankings. A flood of low-quality links targeting specific anchor text coming into your site can raise some flags.

But you have to remember link numbers are all relative.

If your site currently has 1,000 back links pointed to it and all of sudden 5,000 are built in a month, that could trigger a penalty. But if you have a huge domain like with millions of back links pointed to it, 5,000 links to a sub domain isn’t going to even register.

By creating several blogging websites and then building links to them, you:

  • Increase the power and trust of those sites, making the outgoing links to your main site even more relevant and powerful.
  • Are able to mold relevancy by controlling the incoming anchor text of all of the links.
  • Buffer your main site from any ill effects of low-quality/high-quantity link building.

Everything in Moderation

This strategy has worked for a long time and is very hard for the search engines to clamp down on. To do so, they would have to devalue all outgoing links from “public” blogging websites. And that just wouldn’t do, given the use and scope of these platforms.

However, if the only links coming to your site are from a network of blogging sites with names that are conveniently related keywords to your main targeted key phrase, you’re opening yourself up to a penalty.

This is just one method of link building, and it should be used along with others to make sure your link profile is as diverse as possible.