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The Camping Niche: Pitch a Tent (or Another Product)

Written on July 7th, 2015 by

Happy Campers

Hot dogs and s’mores, ghost stories, and days spent fishing, boating and hiking . . . what’s not to love about a good camping trip? As long as you stay clear of sunburn and ticks, you can make some of your best memories while camping.

Websites in the camping niche get to call up all of those good memories. They also get to sell more physical products than one could hope to count.

What Can I Sell on a Camping Website?

You don't have to limit yourself to tents and sleeping bags. You can throw in any type of survival, hiking or fishing gear you can imagine, and don’t forget the marshmallows and Hershey bars!

There are also a handful of information products on ClickBank. For example, “Get Paid to Camp,” which (in spite of the not-so-great English) has a rather enticing sales page  that should appeal to the most fervent campers in your audience. I might have bought it if I didn’t already love my job!

When Is Camping a Popular Topic Online?

Google Trends shows that this niche goes through seasonal patterns like clockwork, consistently peaking in July and doing its worst in November.

Google Trends for Camping

Sadly, it has followed the pattern of other outdoor activities, with interest slacking off a bit in recent years. Let's take a look at the current search figures before we call it doomed, though.

Geographic note: Camping appears to be quite popular in Western Europe right now. The Netherlands, France and Denmark have the highest levels of interest per capita.

What Are Some High-Volume Camping Keywords?

1. Camping

  • Global searches: 368,000
  • Average CPC: 1.65
  • Global KEI: 270.31

Camping Keyword Data

This rather general keyword probably won't convert many visitors into customers, but it could produce a LOT of traffic. And since it has low AdWords competition and a high KEI, the organic competition might be light enough to make it a worthwhile target.

2. Survival Gear

  • Global searches: 60,500
  • Average CPC: 0.74
  • Global KEI: 234.63

Survival Gear Keyword Data

This keyword could attract a lot of campers, plus preppers, survivalists, and other cautious types. You could easily build an entire website around survival gear.

3. Sleeping Bags

  • Global searches: 60,500
  • Average CPC: 1.16
  • Global KEI: 210.36

Sleeping Bags Keyword Data

What's the first thing that comes your mind when you think of camping? A tent, right? If you're anything like me, your second thought is about the things that go inside that tent—sleeping bags.

Since most sleeping bags sit comfortably in the $20–$80 range, you can make decent money on each sale without facing high buyer resistance.

Those three keywords are some pretty big fish. With so many searches, I expect them to have fairly difficult ratings—but on the off chance that they don't, they could become enormous cash cows or incredible sources of traffic. Let's find out if they'd be worth the trouble, and if not, what keywords would be better.

How In-Tents Is the Keyword Competition?

Camping Is In Tents

The smiles of a family forced to listen to my camping puns.

1. Camping Analysis

  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Top competitor: Local and national websites

Camping Keyword Analysis

Well guys, it looks like we got lucky after all! Although local and country-specific sites often get preference for this keyword (New Zealand searches pretty much only turn up NZ websites about camping here specifically), plenty of American sites have ranked across the entire country. Those sites only have a moderate number of backlinks and wouldn't be too hard to beat.

Camping SEO Competition

Even if you decide to focus on local SEO and rank in a single U.S. state, you can still expect several hundred searches per month. That makes this a highly versatile keyword that could suit a wide variety of websites.

2. Survival Gear Analysis

Survival Gear Keyword Analysis

Most of the top 10 websites are fairly authoritative and have put a moderate to significant amount of effort into their SEO. You would need a combination of quality backlinks, good on-page SEO, and strong social signals to rank well, but you wouldn’t need to go viral or anything. I would seriously consider it.

Survival Gear SEO Competition

3. Sleeping Bags

  • Difficulty: Difficult
  • Top competitor: Walmart

Sleeping Bags Keyword Analysis

The competition for this keyword doesn't have too much in the way of backlinks or social signals. They've made up for those weaknesses by optimizing the hell out of their pages—and by being monstrously large authority sites to begin.  A small website would need an excellent backlinking and social media strategy in order to go toe-to-toe with these giants, but it could certainly win.

Sleeping Bags SEO Competition

Bonus Keywords

Easy Keyword #1: Camping Cookware

  • Global searches: 2,900
  • Average CPC: 0.98
  • Global KEI: 23.10
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Top competitor: Amazon

Camping Cookware Keyword Analysis

While you can cook the hot dogs and s'mores with nothing more than a stick, most people (or at least most adults) will want to eat something a little more wholesome on occasion.

For many, having the right cookware can make all the difference between surviving a camping trip and enjoying an adventure. Just ask Samwise Gamgee! (I know I will the next time I catch him dropping eaves in my backyard.)

Anyway, back to keyword analysis. Most of the pages that rank for camping cookware are weakly optimized and have very few backlinks. The only challenge is the high authority of the websites they come from.

Camping Cookware SEO Competition

Easy Keyword #2: Food to Take Camping

  • Global searches: 1,600
  • Average CPC: 0.60
  • Global KEI: 640
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Top competitor: The Camping Family

Food to Take Camping Keyword Analysis

Of course, some people want to eat well while camping and can't cook to save their lives, even when they have a full kitchen at their disposal. They will probably search for keywords like this in the hopes of finding pre-made or easy-to-make camping meals.

Only the top page has bothered to do any optimization for this keyword phrase, and even it has done so halfheartedly. Only two of the pages have better than 25 backlinks. Two of the pages that have very low backlink counts also come from low-authority pages (including result #1). 

Food to Take Camping SEO Competition

It would be a cinch to beat all of those pages and become king of the wild! Or, well, king of camping food.

Should I Set Up a Camping Website?

With its varied sub-niches and easy keywords as abundant as wildflowers, the camping niche has plenty of room for you. Go pitch a tent!

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