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Automatic Database Updater, V3.3.1

Written on August 26th, 2010 by

Hi guys,

We've got another new and improved version of Traffic Travis for you! Here is a quick rundown on what’s new in Traffic Travis V3.3.1:

  • Now when the database is restored, the database updater will automatically be called so the old backup will run in Traffic Travis.
  • A ? will now show in the SEO Analysis when there is an error with the yahoo directory
  • Fixed a number of bugs, including one causing the SEO Analysis to produce only 19 results for some keywords when 20 results required, and another where the search engine scheduler would result in zero results for the search engine tools position.

To get this latest version of Traffic Travis, open the software and click 'yes' when it asks if you would like to download the latest version. If you don't yet have Traffic Travis, download it here

The Traffic Travis Team

P.S. Did you know there is a Professional edition of Traffic Travis? While the free edition is packed full of valuable features, there is even more in the Professional edition and for a short time we are allowing you access to it for a $5 trial, access the trial here