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David versus Goliath: Can Your Site Rank for Google PageSpeed?

Written on December 5th, 2014 by

Google PageSpeed is a plugin and in-browser program that lets you check the speed of your website. There are tens of thousands of searches for it and related keywords every month — enough to constitute a potentially lucrative niche. However, can anyone hope to stand a chance of ranking when going up against Google itself?

Finding an Angle

Google PageSpeed is a web developer’s dream. It provides a straightforward score showing how well your site is optimized for speed, along with suggestions on how to improve your website’s speed if it isn’t doing so well. It’s quite similar to Traffic Travis’s My Site tab.

Google PageSpeed Insights for Wikipedia

Traffic Travis Analysis for Wikipedia


For SEOs like us, Google PageSpeed is incredibly valuable. Many of us offer speed improvement among our services, as it has a huge impact on site performance. Faster websites rank better on Google, have lower bounce rates, and often have higher conversion rates.

The main challenge here is finding ways to attract traffic when the vast majority of people just want to go straight to Google PageSpeed. Before worrying about coming up with engaging content ideas, though, we have to see if there any viable keywords. Here’s what we discovered:

Interest Continues to Rise

According to Google Trends, Google PageSpeed grabbed the attention of the Internet at the turn of the decade and interest has only risen since then. It is not a seasonal keyword, but people do seem to lose interest in it during the month of December. Let’s face it: Most of us are too busy Christmas shopping to worry about how fast our websites are at this time of year.

Trends for Google Pagespeed


The keyword has gained immense popularity in the Netherlands and Germany. There’s also some powerful interest in the Indian city of Bangalore, as well as Istanbul in Turkey. The US and UK have also put in their appearance on the charts, as always.

This could very well qualify as an evergreen niche. That can make it worth investing a lot of effort to get into. Our European readers should definitely do a little keyword research on their own to see what the local market looks like.

A First Glance at the Keywords

If nothing else, this niche has plenty of traffic. One of the first that caught my attention was “website speed test.” This has the advantage of not having Google in the name. It also has a whopping 27,100 searches per month!

Keyword Research on Website Speed Test


Unfortunately, most people searching for that keyword clearly want to find an actual speed test. Most SEOs are not developing their own software. I would only advise going after this keyword if you are an affiliate for a speed test program.

For those who want to go with the tried-and-true method of writing information articles, a more promising keyword is “test website speed,” which has 4,400 searches per month.

Keyword Research on Test Website Speed


“Google PageSpeed” itself certainly looks attractive. It has 12,100 searches per month. What kind of competition would we be looking at with that, though?

Google Pagespeed Keyword Research


Sizing Goliath Up: The Competition for Google PageSpeed

As expected, the competition is daunting. Virtually all of the relevant keywords that our research turned up have extremely high competition. It would take a more careful and thoughtful analysis than ours to find enough promising keywords to justify building a new website in this niche.

However, there are a few weak points in Goliath’s armor.

Google PageSpeed Keyword Analysis

Google PageSpeed SEO Competition


Traffic Travis considers “Google PageSpeed” relatively easy to rank for. None of the top-ranked pages have carefully optimized for it; however, every one of them is a page on Their sheer Page Authority would scare away most SEOs, but someone who is clever and hardworking may well be able to knock Google itself down a few notches.

“Website speed test” poses a serious challenge. TT chalks it up as very difficult to rank for, and for good reason—the pages at the top either have incredible Page Authority or have carefully optimized for this keyword. It would take a determined SEO to secure even the bottom rankings on the first page of results.

Website Speed Test Keyword Analysis

Website Speed Test SEO Analysis


Fewer people have optimized for “test website speed,” so you might have a slightly easier time ranking for it. The top-ranked sites have extremely high PAs, though. Traffic Travis has justifiably marked this keyword as very difficult as well.

Test Website Speed Keyword Analysis

Test Website Speed SEO Competition


Most other keywords were similar to these three—either relatively easy to rank for because nobody wants to compete with Google, or hotly contested by companies that offer actual website speed tests. The niche certainly does not look too inviting to me. 

Does David Have a Chance?

Overall, it looks like SEOs should leave their slings on the wall. Just about any attempt to optimize a site for a website speed keyword will be met with heavy competition. 

While all SEOs should offer website speed optimization services and mention it on their websites, using it as a central part of your SEO strategy seems like a poor choice unless you have a lot of resources at your disposal. Still, it might be possible to gain huge amounts of traffic if you challenge Google itself for the low-competition keywords it seems to be taking for granted.

If you want to investigate this niche for yourself, you can download my research for use in your own copy of Traffic Travis here. If you aren’t sure how to use the file, you can find the answer here. You can also click here to sign up for the free version of Traffic Travis if you haven’t downloaded it yet.

Have any thoughts on optimizing a website for Google PageSpeed? Think we were crazy to even look at this niche to begin with? Be sure to let us know in the comments!