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Now You Can Select Which Keywords You Want to Update Manually in Adwords Competition

Written on May 9th, 2013 by

The latest version of Traffic Travis has just been released. Download it here.

We have added new columns "CheckBox" and "Last Checked" in Adwords Competition. Now you are able to select which keywords you want to update manually, and see when it has been updated previously. Also, the auto update function will only update keywords that weren't updated last time.

Other changes in version include:

  • ADD :: Will inform user if rankings couldn't be updated manually.
  • CHG :: Manual update in Adwords Competition will update only selected keywords by user.
  • CHG :: Will auto update only keywords not updated last time in Adwords Competition.
  • CHG :: Improvements for the Google parameter "Ignore user location" and  United Kingdom location.
  • FIX :: Issue with finding double alt tags and apostrophe.
  • FIX :: More accurately detect which keywords should be updated in SEO Ranking tool.
  • FIX :: Set equal row height for similar data.
  • FIX :: Issue with not updating pages in MySite tool.
  • FIX :: Improvements for display backlinks data.
  • FIX :: Sorting of "Page Warnings" column.
  • FIX :: Registration url on welcome dialog.
  • FIX :: Handling errors from bug reports.

If you have any problems with this release please contact our support team.