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SEO Companies: Fast Results from Tough Keywords

Written on January 29th, 2015 by

Here's a big niche for all of our readers who run their own search engine optimization businesses: SEO companies. This keyword is likely to have incredibly high conversion rates—I bet 90 percent of the people who search for it are looking for someone to hire.

You might be wary of SEO niches if you've been reading our blog regularly. They almost always have incredibly high competition. However, local SEO will play a huge role here.

How am I so certain? When I typed "SEO companies" into Google, three of the organic results in the first page were local businesses. Try it yourself and see how many you get from your home city.

This teaches us an important lesson: You don't have to beat the world if you can leverage local SEO. Do that and the real difficulty of the keywords we look at today will be much lower than what Traffic Travis displays.

The Outlook (from Google Trends)

Google Trends Results

This keyword is suffering from the post-2012 decline in searches for SEO-related keywords. However, last week showed us that niches like this often have much better keywords hidden away. Let's see if we can find them with the Traffic Travis keyword research tool.

Keywords for SEO Companies

"SEO companies" looks like a tough nut to crack from the AdWords competition. Yet with just 6.5 million SERPs (not many for a keyword this popular), it has a reasonably high KEI. It might be worth the effort.

SEO Companies Keyword Research

While it does imply a wider range of services, "Internet marketing company" works pretty well as a synonym. It also has a decent KEI. I just hope that it's easier to rank for organically than the AdWords details suggest.

Internet Marketing Company Keyword Research

SEO consultancy just barely made the cut at 1,000 searches per month. Middling AdWords competition suggests that a lot of other companies have passed this one over, so it might be easy enough to take for yourself.

SEO Consultancy Keyword Research

Time to see what TT has to say about the competition. Fingers crossed!

SEO Competition Analysis

"SEO companies" came up as difficult. The competitors look pretty tough, but they haven't done much in the way of exact-match optimization. If you go after this with a local angle, you may well dominate searches in your area—and begin building up backlinks to poise for a global takeover.

SEO Companies Keyword Analysis

SEO Companies Competition

"Internet marketing company" has a rating of very difficult and looks much nastier. Its top pages have far more .edu and .gov backlinks. Still, when I ran a search, my results page was dominated by Google Places entries for local businesses.

Internet Marketing Company Keyword Analysis

Traffic Travis Competition Results - Internet Marketing Company

No rest for the weary. "SEO consultancy" also rates as difficult.

SEO Consultancy Keyword Analysis

I'd probably skip this one. It's a lot of work for just 1,000 searches. Since only a small fraction of those 1,000 are likely being performed in your city, I wouldn't expect much out of local SEO, either.

Consultancy Competition

SEO service has a medium difficulty rating and 5,400 global searches. Looks like a low-hanging fruit at last!

SEO Service Keyword Analysis

Buuut....not quite. Look at result no. 4 below—I think it's fair to say that they've optimized the hell out of their website. Yet, they're still number four. Don't expect to top the global results pages unless you read the top three pages and say "I could write better stuff than that."

Service Competition

Still, this could be another great keyword from the local angle.

Here's one that you could snatch easily enough: SEO manager. Traffic Travis considers it relatively easy.

SEO Manager Keyword Analysis

The first page of Google results contains a confused mix of how-to's, personal stories, and job descriptions. Few of the top results have done much off-page optimization. If you create some really good content and back it up with backlinks, there's no reason why you shouldn't displace these results.

Manager Competition Data

So What You're Saying Is ...

If just getting local results won't make you happy, then you can expect to have a tough time with this niche. My research on 1,000 keywords turned up fewer than 10 easy or relatively easy phrases. By that metric, this is the toughest niche I can remember coming across. Only veteran SEOs will achieve global success here.

Still, most people have a reasonably high chance of getting good results in their local area. Local searches should provide enough traffic for a small SEO company to get by. Perform good local SEO and research keywords involving the name of your own city, state, and country.

Interested in giving this a shot? Just follow these .ttscx instructions to upload my keyword research for SEO companies into your free copy of Traffic Travis (or your Pro version, if you're a boss). Good luck!