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The Race for Site Speed Test

Written on February 28th, 2015 by

The Speed Test Race

‚ÄčLast week, we discovered that the keyword "speed test" has over 11 million searches per month. It had some pretty gnarly competition. I decided to look a little deeper and see if I could find a less hotly contested subniche—something more specific, like "site speed test."‚Äč

A quick Google search immediately gave me some hope. The second result doesn't have anything to do with a website speed test! That's a strong sign that the market isn't saturated yet.

Google Search Results

"Site speed test" specifically refers to software that tests how fast a site loads. For example, Google Pagespeed would be one, as would Pingdom.

Some of these websites have affiliate programs, so it would be possible to turn a profit from keywords in this niche. But does the traffic outweigh the competition? Can you expect your efforts to bear fruit for years to come?

Seeing Green

Let's take a look at the niche's long-term viability using our old friend Google Trends.

Google Trends Results

This graph shows that site speed testing is a tried and true evergreen niche. It has had its highs and lows and while it held more interest in 2004 than it does today, search numbers have been steadily climbing since their lowest point in April 2008. The future looks promising.

I can't identify any seasonal trends in this data. The niche may have good months and bad months, but it can expect fairly steady traffic all year round.

Now, let's find out what share of those 11 million searches really belongs to our subniche.

High Search Figures, High CPC

"Site speed test" has an excellent 6,600 searches per month. It unfortunately also has a high recommended CPC bid—close to 10 bucks per click—and a low KEI, both indicators of a tough keyword.

Site Speed Test Keyword Research

On the plus side, it has surprisingly low competition on AdWords for something that's so expensive. That means there might only be a couple of high rollers tossing a lot of money around to get this keyword. Maybe the competition won't be too bad.

"Test website speed" looks quite similar. It has 4,400 searches and slightly lower AdWords competition.

Test Website Speed Keyword Research

Its mirror image, "speed test website," also has 4,400 monthly searches. The CPC bid is lower still, and AdWords also considers its competition to be low.

I'm not sure what to expect of these keywords. On the basis of the CPC and the high number of SERPs, I believe they'll be fairly difficult to rank for. At the same time, I'm hoping that there will only be a small number of serious competitors, since the AdWords competition is low and many of the top Google results are off-base.

Let's take a closer look using the Traffic Travis SEO Competition module.

A Tight Race

We appear to have started off on the wrong foot — site speed test has a rating of very difficult.

Traffic Travis Keyword Analysis

However, most of the top 10 pages aren't even trying to rank for this keyword. They're not just failing to use exact-match optimization—as I mentioned at the beginning of this post, many don't even test website speed at all, only offering tests for Internet connection speeds.

Traffic Travis SEO Competition

Sure, we are seeing a lot of PA (Page Authority) scores in the 80s. But you could probably claim a decent spot on page 1 with a PA of 40 and good on-page optimization. Google rewards those who provide what the searcher actually wants.

"Test website speed" has the same rating: very difficult.

Test Website Speed Keyword Analysis

At least this time, a few of the top pages have PAs of between 20 and 50. The other upside is that none of them have tried any exact-match optimization. Of course, it's a tough keyword to use in a grammatically correct sentence, so you may be hard-pressed to do the same.

Site Speed Test SEO Competition

"Speed test website" is no easier to rank for.

Speed Test Website Keyword Analysis

In fact, it has almost exactly the same group of competitors as "site speed test." Google has just shuffled them around a little.

Speed Test Website SEO Competition

Nothing worth pursuing in this niche looks easy to take. I researched 1,000 keywords and after filtering out any with fewer than 1,000 monthly searches, the pickings looked slim. The only easy keywords were those referring to specific brands and websites.

Easy Keywords in Traffic Travis

I decided to turn off the filters to see if I could at least scrounge up a few low-competition keywords with a couple hundred searches. Even then I couldn't find anything useful with easy or relatively easy difficulty ratings.

Relatively Easy Keywords in Traffic Travis

Is the Site Speed Test Niche Worthwhile?

Overall, this looks no easier than last week's super-niche, website checker. It might be worth targeting "site speed test" itself if you're ready to fight a hard SEO campaign. After all, it does have plenty of searches, and many of the top results don't really deserve to be where they are.

Otherwise, this looks like a bust. I would leave this niche behind and search for greener pastures.

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