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Dear v4.0 Customers - We're Sorry

Written on May 16th, 2011 by

Dear Traffic Travis v4.0 Customers,

It has now been just over one week since we launched Traffic Travis 4.0 Professional and the response we have had simply blew us away. Thank you to everyone that purchase a copy and supported us.

I would like to take this opportunity to apologize, both on behalf of myself and on behalf of the Traffic Travis team, with regard to our support response times, our response to your feedback, and the quality of the software. 

I do understand it must be incredibly frustrating for all you guys out there who have experienced bugs and I wanted to let you know that we aren't just committed to resolving the issues, we're committed to continuing to update and improve the product on a full time basis for a long time (several years).

Traffic Travis 4 was clearly not as ready as we thought when we released it and it is you, the customers, who have paid the price for our mistake.  Our customer support team at Traffic Travis was overwhelmed and I take personal responsibility for not managing to maintain our usually excellent and prompt level of support in response to your feedback submissions. 

Many of the complaints I've seen about our support are with regards to our response to your submissions via the 'Give Feedback' button inside Traffic Travis itself. Have we heard the feedback you submitted? Yes, we have; I can tell you we do process each and every entry you have entered into the feedback form and we are doing our best to respond to each and every item, identify duplicate issues, and fix these as quickly as possible. 

But you deserve a response when you ask us a question or report an issue, and you deserve that within the 24-48 hours you've grown used to from our regular support, not the days, weeks, or perhaps even not-at-all that you've been getting since launch. So I would like to make a promise here and now that, from the moment I post this blog post, our response to further feedback we receive from you will be back at our previous level we have previously prided ourselves on, the level you deserve.

With regards to bringing our software back to the high quality we've previously delivered, and which you have every right to expect from us I want to tell you about what we're doing to fix your issues:

  • We have more than doubled the size of the programming team for the next few weeks in order to jump on all the issues you've been having.
  • We have set up a publicly available Traffic Travis development roadmap - this is designed to cover all the major bugs and feature requests we've heard from you and when we aim to fix them.
  • We will keep you more up-to-date with our fixes addressing each and every one of your issues, through the change log in every release.
  • We will continue to release daily builds of the software. I encourage you to download these so you are using the best possible version of the software.  
  • Our aim is to clean up all the noticeable bugs and highly requested features, and make the code significantly more stable, in the next two to three weeks.

If you do not see your issue listed on the roadmap, please make sure you have the latest version (currently  of Traffic Travis installed, either using the in-program installer, or by downloading the latest version from our website. Check if your issue has been fixed and, if not, please contact us again, either via the in-program feedback button, or via our support team.

We messed up, of that there is little doubt, and we are asking ourselves many questions as to how we let this happen and why we failed to deliver exactly to our promise; in the end, however, we feel our best way to make it up to you is to just get into gear and deliver you the high-quality software and support experience we promised you as quickly as we can.

Going forward, we want to reward all people who stick with the Traffic Travis v4 product the best way we know how and that's by fixing any and all bugs as quickly as we possibly can, and then long-term by over delivering on the quality and frequency of our updates in the future.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my apology, and thank you for continuing to use Traffic Travis 4.0 Professional. We hope you will continue to stick with us, continue to provide feedback. As always your comments and thoughts are most welcome. 

Kind Regards,

Simon Slade
Managing Director & Co-Founder