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Traffic Travis updater is getting... updated

Written on February 16th, 2012 by

Hello all,

This Monday (February 20th, EST) Traffic Travis is getting a "big" change. Because it affects how Traffic Travis will update, and may cause a small issue for a number of you, we wanted to let you know about it.

This latest update will switch Traffic Travis to using a 'silent' updater. 

What this means is that when Traffic Travis gets an update in the future, it will download a small 'patch'. Then, when you click the yellow 'Install the latest version!', or if you restart Traffic Travis manually, the update will be automatically applied when Traffic Travis reopens, instead of asking you to click through the Traffic Travis installer.

What does that mean for you?

Once the update is installed you will:

  1. Save time, since you no longer have to click through the Traffic Travis installer every time there's an update
  2. Save bandwidth, because download sizes are now a lot smaller
  3. Save hassle, because updates are more reliable

How to update

On Monday, when the update goes out, you will receive the normal 'Install the latest version!' button. 

When you click this and run the update, Traffic Travis will say Traffic Travis will now be uninstalled. This is necessary, so that we can reinstall Traffic Travis with the correct settings needed for this new update. It will not affect your databases. (However, we recommend regularly backing up your databases anyway; to do this, go to Help -> Open DB Folder in Traffic Travis).

Once the update is installed, Traffic Travis will now include the 'silent update' feature, to make updating smoother and easier for you. 

Possible issues

Although we've tested this on several different machines and versions of Windows, switching to this completely different method of updating may still cause a problem for a few of you, so we wanted to pre-empt a couple of questions:

I installed the Monday update, and now Traffic Travis won't start (Windows complains that TrafficTravisV4.exe can't be found)
Please download the installer, run it, and make sure you've chosen to put Traffic Travis shortcuts on at least one of: Start Menu, Quick Launch or Desktop. Otherwise the shortcuts in those locations will be pointing to the wrong place.

I installed the Monday update, and now Traffic Travis won't start (Other reason)
That's frustrating; you'll need to uninstall Traffic Travis then do a full install by downloading the installer.

I installed the Monday update, and Traffic Travis is now asking for my registration key
A couple of customers may be asked to re-enter their registration code after the latest update. Just enter your registration code and you should be able to continue without any issues!

Traffic Travis complains my registration key has been used too many times
Please contact Traffic Travis support and we'll reset your registration key as quickly as possible!

How can I change the start menu/desktop/quick launch icons?
You can now change these options from the Program Options menu inside Traffic Travis.

If you do encounter any issues, or if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Traffic Travis support.

And, if you haven't already, you can download your own copy of Traffic Travis absolutely free!