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SEO Analysis Feature for Google: v3.1

Written on May 24th, 2009 by

Traffic Travis is proud to announce two exciting new features on both free and paid versions.

SEO Analysis Feature

SEO Analysis allows you to pull the top 20 results from Google (via any international Google homepage location, e.g. .uk or .au) and quickly assess various on and off page SEO statistics for each site.

For each site you can see:

  • Rank - Where they were placed in the Google search
  • Website - The url
  • PR - The Google Page Rank of that page
  • Age - The age of the domain in years
  • BL - The number of back links to that very page
  • BLS - The number of back links for that whole site
  • TLB - Top back links, these are backlinks from EDU and GOV sites
  • DMOZ - If the domain is listed in DMOZ
  • YAHD - If the domain is listed in the Yahoo directory
  • Title - If the phrase you entered is found in the title tag
  • Description - If the phrase you entered is found in the meta description tag
  • H1 Tag - If the phrase you entered was found in a h1 tag on the page
  • GCA - Age of the Googles copy of the page (in Googles cache)
  • CEXT - How many sites with the same TLD (ie .uk, .au, .nz) from where the initial search was done

This new feature will save you HOURS of searching and checking sites individually, and being able to select international Google locations allows you to specifically target regions, rather than just (US) results.

The only restriction on Traffic Travis free users is that you can't save the report.

Keyword Sorter Tool Feature

In addition, Traffic Travis now has an improved Keyword Sorter Tool (found under keyword tools). You can now search the list based on Phrase Match or Broad Match.

What does this mean?

Originally Traffic Travis only searched Keywords by Phrase Match. So for the following list of keywords:

christmas reindeer
sled friendly reindeer
santas helpers
friendly reindeer
reindeer for sled pulling

If you searched for 'reindeer sled', you wouldn't get any results, as none of the keywords have the words 'reindeer sled' side by side. Now you can search using Broad Match, which finds all keywords that contain both words, in any order. So we would get:

sled friendly reindeer
reindeer for sled pulling

Now you might be saying - why don't we just do that all the time?

Well sometimes you want the words to be together, imagine if you were searching for 'new york'. If you giant list of phrases contained 'new duke of york' then it would match that, and thats not very handy.

So you can now search by Phrase Match, where the words must be in the same order, or Broad Match, where it finds keywords that have all the words in any order.

The latest release also has minor code tidy-ups and fixes that should make everything run more smoothly.


P.S. Did you know there is a Professional edition of Traffic Travis? While the free edition is packed full of valuable features, there is even more in the Professional edition and for a short time we are allowing you access to it for a $5 trial, access the trial here