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Keyword Suggestions Database Increase: v3.1.14

Written on December 2nd, 2009 by

On Tuesday we released a new version of Traffic Travis, and as always this means good news for you.

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First of all we addressed a few user reported bugs which included an issue with scores jumping around in the page analysis section, and a problem with retrieving Google ads.

Of course, we've also spread our wings wider with Google Italy now part of the growing list of search engines you can use (designer labels anyone?). We like to go faster too, so we have tweaked parts of Traffic Travis so you can now get results with improved speed. This applies to retrieving Google ads, and also to the keyword server. We will be using a larger and more accurate database for obtaining keyword suggestions and search counts which means the information is delivered to you faster.

And for all the geeks - here are the latest change logs

Version 3.1.14 Build 539

  • CHG :: Keyword suggest and count source

Version 3.1.13 Build 536

  • ADD :: Google Italy
  • FIX :: Issues score jumping on page anaylsis
  • FIX :: Validation errors on page analysis
  • ADD :: Allow extra info saved in se analysis report
  • FIX :: Not getting proper Google ads
  • FIX :: Improve speed with Google ads
  • FIX :: Getting Alexa traffic rank

Version 3.1.12 Build 529

  • FIX :: Fix Google Denmark
  • FIX :: Getting PPC ads
  • FIX :: PPC Schedule not working
  • CHG :: Allow user to enter proxy at registration

We hope you make the most of our latest version of Traffic Travis, it's there to help!

Download the latest version now

We will be back soon to deliver some more good news :)

Take care.

Traffic Travis

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