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Page Analysis Tool for SEO: v3.1.8

Written on September 14th, 2009 by

In addition to the usual tweaks and fixes that we include in every new Traffic Travis version, our latest release has a few new features that you should find very useful indeed!

We know you all love the page analysis tool of Traffic Travis, so this time we’ve paid special attention to this part of the program to see how we can make it even better!

Here’s what we’ve come up with…

First off, you can now analyze multiple pages at the same time! That’s right, no more going page to page to analyze its SEO score– you can now analyze an entire site’s worth of pages simultaneously! This will save you mountains of time!

Secondly, leading off from this function is the ability to import an XML sitemap into Traffic Travis so that you don’t even have to manually enter the page urls. Once you’ve important the sitemap, you can easily flick through the list and delete the pages you don’t want to analyze and adding keywords for a specific page. We’ve designed this to work using your keyboard with your arrow, return and delete key to make it that much faster!

Finally, you can now save sites and keywords into a project! No having to re-enter all those sites and keywords every time you open the software – you can create a project for each of your sites, or if you are targeting a phrase against a bunch of site, either way saving into reports with save you tons of time.

We hope you enjoy these new features – as you can see they give you way more power for analyzing your on-page SEO.

But we are never finished coming up with new ideas and tweaks to the software! In the coming weeks we are going to be changing up the algorithms, which will make the page analysis tool far more accurate.

Until then!

Thanks heaps!

The Traffic Travis Team