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SEO Analysis Improvements, V3.2.5

Written on May 28th, 2010 by

Hi guys,

We’re back again with an updated version of Traffic Travis!

In response to customer requests, and because we’re in particularly good moods, we’ve added a bunch of new tricks that ought to make you happy:


  • Added Greece Google country location and adjusted our code to support the new Google search results layout.

Keyword sorter:

  • Two new list modifiers added. You can now ‘remove phrases with less than x search count’ and ‘remove phrases with more than x search count’.

SEO analysis:

  • Now supports 1000 keywords (previously only 100).
  • You can now see the Google and Yahoo search engine competition count.
  • You can view a report showing only the top 20 keywords.

Database backup and restore tool:

  • Added to the help menu, and a link to open Traffic Travis directly from this tool.

PPC Analysis:

  • A blank box appearing after importing a CSV file into the keyword sorter.

We’ve also been on bug fixing patrol, but it’s a bit much to list in one blog post.

To get this latest version of Traffic Travis, open the software and click 'yes' when it asks if you would like to download the latest version. If you don't yet have Traffic Travis, download it here

Until next time, happy researching and analyzing!

The Traffic Travis Team.