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You can Export/Import SEO Competition data now.

Written on April 17th, 2013 by

The latest version of Traffic Travis has just been released. Download it here.

We have added "Data Options" for Exporting and Importing SEO competition data. 
For exporting data you need to select rows in the first column. After you press Export you can choose the folder and file name and all results that contain detailed data will be saved.
You can then share your data with other Traffic Travis users.

Other changes in version include:

  • CHG :: Will not calculate difficulty value for invalid results.
  • CHG :: Improvements for fetching page rank value.
  • FIX :: Issue with columns after importing data to CSV or PDF file in SEO Competition tool.
  • FIX :: Sort columns with thousand separators.
  • FIX :: Analyzing alt tags on page.
  • FIX :: Show correct urls that contains capital letters in SEO Rankings tool.
  • FIX :: Issues with renaming projects.

If you have any problems with this release please contact our support team.