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You can now configure project update frequencies!

Written on April 12th, 2012 by

 Hello all!

Several of you have been asking for the ability to control update scheduling in Traffic Travis, so last week we rolled out a new feature that gives you more control over how often each section of your projects update!

Now you can control the My Site, AdWords Competition, Search Rankings, Dashboard Image, Backlinks Count and Traffic Potential information to each update independently either Never, Daily, every 3 days, Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly.

This feature means you can get information more often about the areas you really care about, while letting you reduce the frequency of the other sections, reducing your overall Internet usage (and chance of getting blocked by the search engines!)

To adjust the settings for existing projects, edit the project settings and click on the Update Settings tab.

Similarly, to adjust the settings for new projects, click on "Update Settings" on the New Project dialog.

How to reconfigure Traffic Travis' update frequency

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